EH1BS9706E00 Huawei S9700 Series Switch


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S9706 Assembly Chassis, 6 Slots.

Quick Specs

Product Code EH1BS9706E00
Part Number 02113548
Description S9706 Assembly Chassis
Service slots 6
Backplane capacity 14.4 Tbps
Switching capacity 3.84 Tbps / 5.76 Tbps
Forwarding performance  2880 Mpps/ 4320 Mpps
EAN 6920702733881
Pack Weight(kg) 35
Pack Volume(m^3) 0.241
Pack Dimension(D*W*H mm) 638*612*632
Net Dimension(D*W*H mm) 438*442*441
Typic Power(W) 11.6


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